And the Homework Begins

1. For Thursday: Your first assignment. Set up and draw 2 spheres and two cubes in pencil or colored pencil. The spheres can be any type, soccer balls or oranges, etc. Try to pay attention to how the shadows and highlights are shaped on the surface.

2. For Monday: Prepare a presentation on your favorite artist. Create a powerpoint, keynote, prezi, etc. that tells basic biographical information about your artist, why you chose them as your favorite, and images of their work. Presentations should last about 5 mins.


Last Class!!!!!


Oh no! I can’t believe this is our last class coming up 😦

It’s been a great ride, but the best is yet to come (the performances!!!!)

Here are your homework assignments:

1) Go for a long walk and write a poem while doing so. No subject prompts here. Whatever comes to you on the walk.

2) Go to a new place, sit by yourself and write some observational poetry. Use bits of overheard conversation, music playing, describe your environment using all your senses. Make it into a poem.

Both of these assignments can be edited after-the-fact in any location you wish. You do not have to completely finish the work on location.

These are our last pieces of the semester, SO WORK HARD ON THEM AND MAKE THEM COUNT!

You guys rock big time! I am so proud!!

Mr. A



Write a love poem. You can use your imagination. It can be about unrequited love, familiar love, infatuation, a crush, a long lost friend, any type of love. Be free, because you don’t ever have to share it with them.

Also, memorize and practice your group piece and whatever individual piece you also want to perform. If it is not your main spoken word piece that we have previously practiced, please let me know what you would like to read. In addition, pick your top 5 pieces of the semester. (You can have runners-up if it is too difficult.

Have a great weekend.


We are reaching the end of the semester. Only three classes left. I wish it could go till the end of the year!

For tomorrow, nothing new is due, just what we spoke about last time:

For the group working on the Acera group piece: Each person should write their own ending for the poem. We will synthesize these and finish the poem in class so we can really start to memorize.

For the group working on the Happy/sad poetry piece (Ethan’s group), work on practicing and memorizing your piece.

If you are missing assignments figure out what you are missing and GET THEM DONE! I will meet individually with you tomorrow about this but please be advised this is ultimately your responsibility.

Have fun!

Mr. A

Cross-Curriculum Poetry


Create poetry across the curriculum!  Create a poem about something you are studying in another class. Make it about a specific lesson or topic in the class rather than the subject in general. Show your knowledge about the subject in your poem. Use specific vocabulary. Try to find a metaphor in the subject about something else unrelated, such as a reflection on yourself or an experience.

Try to impress the teacher of your chosen subject by displaying your prowess!

Due Monday, March 2.

Mid-break reflections

Reed's playgroundHello poetry family,

I have begun recieving poems from some of you over break. Please continue to do so. Don’t feel you have to write a piece that encompasses all your feeling about our loss. That is impossible. Just concentrate on something small. Start there, then just try to get into a flow and write fast. Don’t worry about editing, fancy language, or anything else. Just write. Then share it with me.

If you send them before Sunday I can give you feedback before class on Monday. We WILL NOT be snowed out!

Missing class and excited to be back,