Come together, right now, over…

Hi Class!!!

//Update: Since class was truncated by the invasion of reading buddies, the afternoon cohort has a different assignment than the group piece (You must still assemble your portfolio, though). You are simply to write about something that elicits a strong emotion in you. Something that enrages, baffles, saddens, etc. Let us feel that emotion in the writing and delivery.//

Missed you. I am back, Maya is back, poetry is back in full effect!

After today, our homework will be to

1) Assemble a rough draft of part of a group piece.

2) Print out portfolio of work (including every piece from inside and outside of class work, with favorites near the top, and every critical reflection [if you have handwritten anything, you can include that or a photocopy.])

Both due Thursday by class time, snow day(s) or not!!!



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