Many Voices As One


Hi class. Here is the homework due Monday Feb 9.

Both classes: Write a sixteen bar (line) rap that talks about yourself. Feel free to add some braggadocio and wordplay. Listen to a hip-hop instrumental while you write, and practice out loud as you are writing. Be prepared to share Monday.

AM Class (Cohort 2):

Continue to work on your individual parts and the larger scheme of how they fit in. Especially concentrate on your experience at Acera.

PM Class (Cohort 1):

Begin brainstorming and writing your part to theĀ group piece, which as we left it is essentially a meta-piece about spoken word/slam poetry and its tendency to be angsty or lethargic. I think there is a lot of possibility in this idea, and room for each individual’s perspective. There could also be a progression from critiquing to discovering-> understanding-> appreciating-> participating in the spoken word movement, as you all have done so well this semester.

Bottom line is: Look for ways to make this idea work, not for ways it will not. I expect to see some serious results on Monday.


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