Sadness and strength


Hi class,

Thanks for being so awesome. I can honestly say through the roughest times in my life, one thought has always saved me. That is the idea that I can take whatever I am experiencing, no matter how heart-wrenching, ugly, painful or humiliating, and create some beautiful art from it. And the healing I feel through creating and sharing this work has helped me to recover greatly.


Write a poem about this week and what we have all experienced. Make it whatever length it needs to be for you to get your thoughts and feelings out. And please share it with me.

Also: continue to work on your group piece. Work in your shared documents and continue (or begin) to put your piece together. We should really have it pretty well fleshed out by our first class back after break.

Finally: Continue to keep a dream journal. Place it next to your bed, and write a dated entry for every dream you can remember. Write them immediately after you wake up, so you don’t forget anything. Even if you only remember a small bit. Of course the more detail you provide the more you will have to work with later.

P.S. Write a lot during break. Have some other new poems to show me after the break for extra credit. I


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